Green Quest Recycling

Located in Lincoln, NE

Who We Are

Green Quest Recycling is committed to providing quality recovered materials, education in environmental recycling and assisting in making the world a cleaner place.

Our Services


Green Quest Recycling receives materials from haulers in Lincoln and the surrounding areas daily. 

Can Recycling

Green Quest Recycling now provides a community service of recycling aluminum cans.


Green Quest Recycling provides over the road transportation throughout the Midwest. 

Document Deconstruction

Green Quest Recycling offers document destruction services with the latest video surveillance and security measures to protect our customers. 

How It Works

What happens to my recycling?

Most people throw their recycling in the blue bin and never think about what happens from there. But if you’ve ever been curious where your recycling goes next, you’re in the right place. Turning a recycled bottle into a new product isn’t exactly a straight line; it involves more steps than you might expect. Our process has been perfected over the years to use resources efficiently and work as fast as possible while following local guidelines.


MRFs 101


Recycled Material Arrives


Into the Pre-Sort Line


And onto the Sorting Screens

“Very professional, organized facility.”

Who We Are

It all got started in 2018, when Kelley McReynolds — then the manager of Mid America Recycling’s Lincoln location — purchased his employer’s facility outright, creating Green Quest Recycling. With a career of recycling management under his belt, Kelley saw an opportunity to expand the facility into what it is today.